Policy Paper

The policy paper describes the benefits of structured forms of competence assessment, the definition and differentiation of competences and good practices in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. It aims at informing politicians and practitioners about competence assessment in Europe and its importance for the future. The Strategy Paper was designed in November 2011.

Policy Paper


The Toolbox is a compilation of established approaches of competence assessment collected in Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. Their extensive description entails much detail and guiding elements. Advantages and disadvantages of each approach are as well discussed as potential benefits for young disadvantaged adults. The Toolbox aims at supporting the dissemination of competence assessment in Greece und is being used for training purposes. The Toolbox was designed in February 2012.


Practical Guide on Discovering Competencies 

The Practical Guide on Discovering Competenciesis a compilation of quality criteria and instructions for approaches of competence assessment. It also entails documentation forms for internal and external evaluation purposes. The Practical Guide aims at raising the quality of competence assessment as well as at ensuring more transparence und value. It will be applied in Germany and Greece. It was designed in August 2012.

Practical Guide Discovering Competencies_EN

E-Learning platform Discovering Competencies

The e-learning platform presents project information and training material which the project compiled on the topic of competence assessment. This entails contents of the “Policy Paper” and the “Toolbox”. Next to text documents there is also training material in video format showing examples of the implementation of competence assessment. The material is available in Greek and English.

Athena – Discovering Competencies

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