Denmark // Aarhus University

The School of Education (SOE) is an educational institution at the Danmarks Padagogiske Universitetsskolen (DPU) in Aarhus. Its key responsibilities include research and teaching on the topics of pedagogy and education. It also includes the analysis and development of the formal and non-formal processes of education in day care, residential homes and schools. SOE’s main research topics are the education system in Denmark as a whole and as well as a number of international projects. These projects aim at improving skills and abilities of young people and adults. Thereby, the SOE shows new perspectives to institutions, staff, parents and children, young people, students and adults in order to improve skills through education processes with interdisciplinary approaches at a national and international level.

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Germany // IFGE

IFGE Innovation Research and Consultancy was founded in 1990 as an independent scientific research institute and consultancy firm. It acts for decision makers in politics, science and the economy and carries out research projects on behalf of various federal and state ministries and the EU. IFGE’s work is marked by interdisciplinary action, by an incorporation of external expertise and by a systematic interweaving of research and practise. The evaluation of economic and social science support programmes forms an essential part of the company’s activities. A main focus of the company’s research lies on integration into employment of disadvantaged groups on the labour market. In addition, the IFGE has broad research and evaluation experience regarding vocational education and training for disadvantaged youth.

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Greece // IED

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) is an educational institution which was founded in 2005. The private and non-profit organization was established to promote entrepreneurship, research and the creation of sustainable relationships between society and the academic community. The main areas of research are the education and training of entrepreneurs, adults and young people and disadvantaged groups.
Besides its research objective the organisation offers a wide ranged programme including consulting for disadvantaged groups, conferences and workshops, electronic forums, education and training as well as consulting for businesses and individuals regarding entrepreneurship in order to improve the integration of citizens and disadvantaged groups into society and the labour market.

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Greece // University of Aegean

The University of the Aegean is an international research-oriented university, located on six different islands oft he Aegean Sea, with 17 undergraduate departments and 24 post-graduate programs. The School of Humanities is based in Rhodes and it is comprised of three departments and 5 post-graduate programs, most of which focus on the field of education. The staff memebers primarily involved in the project are in the faculty of the Department of Pre-School Education and Educational Design and the post-graduate program „Gender and New Forms of Education and Employment in the Information Age“. Their teaching and research focuses, among other things, on new forms of education –typical, atypical and education and training, life-long learning, training, adult education, e-learning—and on the relations between these various forms of education and the labour market.

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Sweden // Folksuniversitetet Kristianstad

Folksuniversitetet is an adult education association which was founded over 60 years ago and is now present in 40 cities all over Sweden. The institution offers a broad choice of training and courses ranging from language courses to computer training and photography courses. One of the school’s main target is to train and educate people with new knowledge and skills so that they are able to enter into the labour market. In terms of this coaching, mentorship, validation, learning in working life, empowerment and active guidance based on individual needs is being offered. Folksuniversitetet also cooperates with municipality, hospitals, the labour office, the social insurance office, colleges and a network of organizations and companies which all support the association in their actions and programmes.

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