This Leonardo da Vinci transfer of innovation project with the name Discovering Competencies aims to improve the vocational training and education opportunities for disadvantaged young people including those that have a migrant background. To improve the young people’s situation competence assessment has been identified to be a central issue.
Therefore, the project will systemize existing methods of competence assessment in all partner countries and transfer good practices from the progressive to the less progressive countries. The execution of the project is done collaboratively with universities, research organisations, training providers and educational institutions.

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Disadvantaged youth as well as young people with a migrant background are struggling to integrate into training and education measures and the labour market in general, these days. 1

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Toolbox: The Toolbox is a compilation of established approaches of competence assessment collected in Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. Their extensive description entails much detail and guiding elements. Advantages and disadvantages of each approach are as well discussed as potential benefits for young disadvantaged adults.

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